Why buy high quality branded professional products when domestic ones seem to be OK and often cost less.

Nowadays everybody is bombarded with information on how we are surrounded by plastics and other materials releasing potentially harmful toxins into the environment and directly or indirectly into our bodies.

One area in which we really should concentrate our efforts to avoid these toxins is by avoiding digesting them via foodstuffs. It is obvious that a toxin in the surrounding atmosphere is less likely to be absorbed than one which has been allowed to enter our food. Our digestive system has evolved to obtain as much from our food as it can. This was great for thousands of years when we were surviving on meagre rations, now that we have, in the western world at least, an adequate food supply, our stomachs efficiency is at times working against us. Where toxins have been allowed to enter our food our digestive system often removes them and stores them in our body. Certainly many of these toxins are proved to be harmful whilst others are best avoided even if it has yet to be shown what effect they may have.

As a company we do everything we can to provide products to our customers at economical prices. At times we reach a point where a more economical product involves risks. In this situation we will stop looking at reducing cost and concentrate on ensuring that the product is safe. This is the situation we are in with plastic catering products.

All of our plastic catering products that are designed to make contact with food are tested to confirm that levels of migration from the plastics into food are below the limits stated in European directive 90/128/EEC and the German Bedarfsgegenstandevordnung.

For the reasons stated above our costs are slightly higher. We pay to have our products tested and we have to pay a premium for consistent high quality raw material that passes these tests. For this reason a small utensil that may be available for £3 from our competitors might cost £3.50 from us. We feel that this is a worthwhile investment when that utensil will not be passing on toxins to food which might be consumed by possibly 1000's of your customers.