• Genuine Thermohauser Thermoboxes are made from extremely strong and durable polypropylene
  • Thermohauser Thermoboxes are unbelievably light
  • A massive range of thermobox solutions for any meal transport system is available from stock
  • Extremely strong and durable polypropylene is used to manufacture genuine Thermohauser Thermoboxes
  • Thermo boxes are an unbelievably light weight insulated food transport system
  • Thermobox have a massive range of solutions for any insulated meal transport system available from stock in the UK from our national network of distributors
  • Electric Thermobox heat pads, Eutectic Thermobox cooling blocks, Heat storage pads and insulating duvets
  • Induction Heat Pads for Thermoboxes and other hot food transport boxes
  • In tests we have stored ice for 1 week in a Thermobox with box at room temperature

Thermohauser Thermobox Ice Cream transport box

Thermobox Stacking Food Transport Box

Thermohauser Thermobox front loading insulated food transport box

  • The low cost insulated food transport solution
  • The UK's largest range of insulated food containers
  • Used by local councils throughout the UK and Europe 
  • Used by outside caterers
  • Used by Schools and Hospitals throughout the UK and Europe
  • Ideal for “Meals on Wheels” type services
  • Keeps HOT FOOD HOT 
  • Special Pizza boxes with ventilation to avoid condensation
  • Thermobox Gastronorm food transport boxes to suit several sizes of standard GN food containers
  • Interlocking stacking foodboxes for ease of transport or insulated food storage
  • Eases lifting and handling.
  • Long life - Thermohauser Thermoboxes typically last for 5 - 10 years

Thermohauser Thermobox Gastronorm Food Transport Box


Thermohauser Thermobox Comfort insulated food transport box
  • Heat pads available for Hot boxes
  • Cooling pads and pouches available for Cool boxes
  • Box dividers for seperating product types
  • Boxes interlock for easy loading in vans and trucks 

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Insulated Hot and Cold food insulated transport boxes 

Insulated Transport Boxes (Thermoboxes or thermal boxes)  Insulated  transport boxes are often used for transporting food for longer distances or where the food will spend a greater time away from a power sources. The Thermobox type of transport box are an extremely light, durable and low cost method of hot or cold food transportation. There are also heavier transport boxes with a plastic skin and some type of foam insulation. The domestic type coolboxes are not well enough constructed and do not insulate well enough for comnmercial use. Thermoboxes come in a multitude of sizes from boxes for transporting food in single plated meal quantities up to large gastronorm transport boxes for transporting hot, chilled or frozen food in bulk

Electrical and eutectic cooling, heating and heat boosting systems are available for all Thermoboxes and other insulated food transport boxes.


Lifting and Handling

  • Comparisons of weights of Thermoboxes and competitors food transport boxes
  • Note some of our competitors produce boxes that are heavier when empty than ours are when full


 WeightEMPTY Weight with 3x GN 1/3 -100mm Inc food or liquid  TOTALWEIGHT
Rieber Thermo Port 50k 7.0 kilo 7.5 kilo 14.5 kilo 
Rieber Thermo K 7.5 kilo 5.5 kilo 13.0 kilo 
Cambro Camcarriers 9.0 kilo 7.5 kilo 16.5 kilo 
Cambro Ultra 7.7 kilo 5.5 kilo 13.2 kilo 
ThermoBox GN 100mm 1.2 kilo 7.5 kilo 8.0 kilo 
Fimi 4ltr 4.0 kilo 5.5 kilo 9.5 kilo 
Fimi 6.5 lt. 5.0 kilo 5.5 kilo 10.5 kilo 

Trade References using Comfort Boxes and Cylindrical Containers


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Dinner Champion Plated Meal Transport Range. Dinner Champion Insulated Plated Meals 


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 Dinner Champion  The ultimate insulated plated meal transportation system
Dinner Champion Insulated Plated Meals 
  • Boxes remain stable when stacked because Thermohausers insulated transport boxes have thermobox interlocking bases and lids
  • Food can be kept at above the legal serving temperature of 63 degrees C dor several hours. All insulated transport boxes have superb Thermobox insulation
  • Ultra light and durable. All Thermohauser Thermobox insulated food boxes are less than 1.5kg in weight and very tough
  • Lifespan of the Heavy duty Thermohauser Dinner Champion Thermoboxes when used daily is typically over 5 years 
  • Available in several sizes
  • 1,2,3 or 4 plates can be transported in the various sizes of Dinner Champion Thermoboxes
  • Cutlery compartments can be incorporated in Dinner Champion Thermoboxes
  • Tight fitting silicone heat proof lids available for meal dishes
  • Hot and cold meals can be transpoted in a single box
Dinner Champion is available in several sizes and all crockery comes with tight fitting heat proof silicone lids. The dinner Champion Meal transport system can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 plates per Thermobox  

 Heavy Duty Thermohauser Comfort Gastronorm  insulated food transport box

Transport Box comfort
  • Suitable for 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 Gastronorm GN containers
  • Available in depths to take Gastronorm containers from 100mm to 250mm deep
  • Easy carry handles and low weight make the Comfort Gastronorm Thermoboxes easy to carry
  • Interlocking lids and bases maintain Thermoboxes in position during most transport conditions
    • Front loading gastronorm insulated food transport box 
  • Suitable for 1/1, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 Gastronorm GN containers

  • Gastronorm containers can be slid in and out of the Thermobox for easy loading and unloading
  • Capacity of up to 12 (check) shallow Gastronorm containers or 3 deep (250mm) Gastronorm GN containers
  • Keeps food at serving temperatures for hours by means of superb Thermobox insulation

 Heavy Duty front loading Gastronorm food transport Thermobox  

Transport Box front loader

 Light duty stacking food transport box

Thermobox Stacking Food Transport Box
  • Economy Gastronorm Thermobox suitable for cold transport and short term hot transport
  • Flexibility with stacking tray thermoboxes
  • 1/1 Gastronorm compatible Thermoboxes
  • Transport of different height loads
  • Boxes can be used inverted to increase interior space inside the Thermobox
  • Economy gastronorm food transport box suitable for cold food and short term hot food transport
  • Available in depths from 100m to 300mm
  • The ultra light Thermobox insulated food transport solution
  • Small Thermobox side handles - use the comfort Gastronorm Thermobox for easy handling of heavy loads

  Light duty gastronorm insulated food transport Thermobox

Transport Box Pasta