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Aluminium Gastronorm Containers

Aluminium Gastronorm Containers for Induction Hobs

Gastronorm containers for use on induction hobs, in ovens, fridges, gas rings etc New October 2008  

Due to popular demand we are launching a range of 1/1 gastronorm containers made from cast aluminium for superb conduction and which are completely compatible with induction hobs. These will be available from October 2008. They are the first gastronorm aluminium pans to be completely compatible with every appliance in the commercial kitchen. The unique construction combines the advantages of gastronorm sizing, the convenience of fridge to induction hob to oven compatibility and the superb conduction of an aluminium pan, Call 01622 872821 for more information


Made in Germany  
Caterers Mixing bowls

Caterers Mixing Bowls

PE, natural white, break resistant  


Caterers Mixing bowls


Item no.

 Volume l

 Dia. cm

 Height cm

Weight g

 Master carton






































 complete set, 6-parts







Giesser Primeline Knives

Giesser Primeline Knives


Giesser Primeline Knives mark a breakthrough in knife handle technology. The outer skin of the knife handle is soft enough to allow maximum grip and comfort whilst a firm inner core enables the Primeline Knives to be held securely. For professional knife users, many of whom might use a knife for several hours per day, this gives the best of both worlds comfort and safety.  The Ultimate Boning Knife - Primeline - click for more info

Thermo Box buying guide

Thermo box buying guide.

Comments from Thermo box salesmen, customers and users

Always buy Thermo boxes of a size that are likely to be full when used. If you double the outside dimensions of the Thermo box you multiply its capacity by eight and also multiply by eight the heat loss of the Thermo box. Imagine the Thermo box like clothing, if the Thermobox is too big, like baggy clothes it will struggle to keep the Thermo box contents warm. The same applies if the Thermo box is being used for keeping products cool. You would need more air conditioning to keep a big room cool so a smaller Thermobox is easier to keep cool.

This buying guide is being assembled on our Thermo box Blog so that we can note comments and ideas received from Thermo box customers as we get them, and have them on the Thermo box blog for use by our regular visiting Thermo box customers and salesmen.

Bakery Dough Retarder Thermo Tower

Thermobox Dough Retarder 'Thermo Tower'

The Thermobox dough retarder Thermo Tower works by cooling the product inside the tower. The cooling effect is provided by a Eutectic pack at the top of the tower which holds down the temperature and slows the rising of the dough. The Thermobox Tower folds flat for storage and is easily assembled

Thermobox dough retarder Thermo Tower exploded. The Thermo Tower is assembled from several individual sections which allow varying height retarders to be made froma single Thermo Tower kit 


Thermobox dough retarder Thermo Tower assembled. When assembled The Thermo Tower is sturdy and is provided with casters for easy movement inside the bakery or to or from vehicles


Thermobox dough retarder Thermo Tower folded. The Thermo Tower quickly breaks down to a compact size for easy storage


Quick easy assembly of the Thermo Tower. The centre sections of the Thermo Tower fold out and then sit on the base. Each section is then placed on top of the one below to build the tower. Finally the eutectic panel is placed at the top


Dough retarding eutectic top section. The top section of the Thermo Tower includes eutectic blocks which are frozen and then used to cool the inside of the Thermo Tower for several hours

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