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Thermoboxes insulated food transport
transport boxes by Thermo hauser  
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The Giesser knife range - used by famous
 chefs and butchers throughout the world
 Giesser Knife tomatoes
A massive range of Giesser butchers
knives and Chainmail 
Chain Mail
Thousands of Thermo hauser Catering
and Bakery Utensils 
Lattice Cutter 
Thermobox Insulated Transport Box usage hints 

 Why Professional Bakery and Catering products sometimes cost a few pence more

  • Thermobox Thermal insulated transport boxes are manufactured by Thermo hauser in Germany and imported and distributed throughout the UK exclusively by Hygienius Ltd

  • Thermobox hot lock meals on wheels insulated food transport box test
  • GIESSER Knives are imported by us and stocked by our network of UK Giesser knife distributors
  • Thermo hauser Bakery and catering productsare imported by us, stocked, and distributed and stocked throughout the UK by our local Thermo hauser distributors
  • GIESSER Chainmail  butchers gloves and Giesser chainmail safety products are imported by us and stocked by our network of local GIESSER distributors throughout the UK
  • Liquid and Gel Chafing Fuel by Blaze is imported by us and distributed throughout the UK and stocked by our local Chafing fuel distributors
  • We also distribute a number of other major world renowned product brands serving the food service, food processing, butchery/meat and bakery sectors throughout the UK via a nationwide distributor network. 

Quality products available throughout the UK via nationwide distributors all employing catering professionals whose knowledge is backed up by our extensive stocks.

  • Our mission is to provide the highest quality equipment and products, delivered with outstanding service at competitive prices.
  • We aim to completely satisfy the needs of our UK customers by not only providing our comprehensive range of quality products but offering advice and information using our valuable knowledge base and industry experience.                  

Ultra light Thermo box Insulated Food Transport Boxes out perform virtually all cool boxes, traditional caterers insulated boxes and insulated pizza bags. They last for years in busy environments and are much lower in price than most alternatives   

   Insulated Thermobox Food Transport Solutions - Thermo hauser Thermo box

3 Thermobox Gastronorm Transport Boxes 

GN 1/1 Gastronorm Food Transport Boxes

 Thermohauser Thermobox Insulated Food Transport Box Ice Cream 

Dinner Champion Plated Meal Transport Boxes
Thermobox Dinner Champion Insulated Plated Meals Transport Box 

Gel Chafing Fuel

Gel Chafing Fuel 

Liquid Chafing Fuels

Liquid Chafing Fuel



 Thermoboxes Ultra Light and safe to carry
 Latest catalogue  food transport boxes 


The Restaurant show
Thermobox Whether for Meals on Wheels or for moving hot food in bulk in Gastronorm Insulated Thermoboxes Thermobox insulated transport boxes, in Gastronorm and non Gastronorm sizes and the other Thermobox insulated catering meal transportation systems such as Dinner Champion offer a total hot or cold insulated food transport solution. Whether you are transporting meals on wheels in a hot food box, carrying out school meals transport, transporting frozen food, transporting food in hospitals or delivering a hot plated a la carte meal to company directors we have a Thermo box insulated food transport box to exactly suit your food transport need. With the emphasis on low energy, recycling and ease of use Thermobox is the future of insulation boxes
Giesser Giesser Knives the worlds finest range of commercial knives are produced by skilled craftsmen in the Giesser factory in solingen in Germany
Thermo hauser Thermo hauser are world renowned for not only the famous Thermobox food transport system but for a multitude of Thermo hauser catering, patisserie, sugarcraft and bakery products
Blaze Blaze chafing fuel is made at the factory in Kentucky in the USA. The Gel chafing fuel and Liquid chafing fuel are both produced from the finest materials and to the highest standards
   Induction hobs for restaurants and hotels
Restaurant show
Meals on wheels insulated food transport boxes

Thermobox Insulated Transport Boxes for Hot and Cold Food Transport

We carry in stock a massive range of insulated food transport products, contact us for information on the full range of meal transportation products

 Economy Insulated Transport Box

Meals on wheels ready meal insulated transport box
STOP PRESS August 2008 - We have recently launched our Thermo Boost heat boosters and Thermo Shield insulated dividers, single box to house meal pouches and combined meals on wheels systems which with our range of insulated food transport boxes are improving final delivery temperatures for delivered meals  - call 01622 872821 for more info'

We have supplied hundreds of systems in the UK for delivery of meals on wheels. e-mail on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with a brief outline of your requirements and your name and phone number and one of our experts will provide you with a variety of food transport solutions.


Case study of Lovely Lunches Meals on wheels service in Dorset - click here




We stock a wide range of Meal Pouches, Duvets, Thermal heat pads, Electric heat pads etc., to ensure that your meals are delivered at the correct temperature every time  

Thermo hauser Thermobox Dinner Champion Insulated Plated meal system

Dinner Champion - the ultimate solution for transporting hot and cold meals in quality crockery. Call us on 01622 872821 for a free trial


 Plated Meal Insulated Transport Box

Dinner Champion Insulated meals on wheels

Gastronorm Insulated Transport Boxes

For food transport in gastronorm containers - dozens of sizes available from stock


Heavy Duty Gastronorm Insulated Transport Boxes Stacked 

Meals on wheels bulk food transport Box
  • Meals on wheels insulated transport boxes are one of our specialist subjects, do call us on 01622 872821 and one of our experts will be pleased to advise you.






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