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Hygienius Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor for Thermohauser, the leading German manufacture of a wide range of products for the catering and bakery sectors.

Every item is made to the highest  international standards, ensuring the continuing quality of Thermohauser products.


The materials used are designed to make all products functional and easy to use whilst ensuring they are completely hygienic.


Your company logo can be placed on piping bags or dough scrapers to offer an effective marketing and advertising idea for exhibitions or promotions.


The Thermohauser range includes:

  • Latice cutters
  • Roller dockers
  • Cake markers
  • Adjustable doughcutters
  • Piping tips and icing tips
  • Pastry bags, icing bags and piping bags
  • Jugs,
  • Bowls,
  • Tolling pins

Thermohauser stock a wide variety of products, to view the online catalogue please click here.


cake markerroller cutterThermohauser Lattice Cuttercake ring


Call our sales team on Tel:01622 872821 for more information or to request a free brochure to see the whole Thermohauser range.

Our pastry bag product range includes various re-usable bag qualities as well as a number of dispoable, extremely hygienic one way products. No matter if the bags are re-usable or dispoable ones the quality of the product and its production are paramount. 

To put the icing onto almost every cake, the range of pastry bags is completed by a broad variety of accessories, such as piping tips in different materials, colours, sizes and shapes. 

The right tools and utensils are the basic for perfect results.

We provide a large variety of high quality tools for daily work in a commercial kitchen and / or bakery. All tools and utensils we stock are made of high quality materials and are designed for professional end users. 

Our presentation items are plain yet attractive in design.